18:00 ZZ Birminghams Blues Cruise (rpt)

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An hour of fabulous “Rhythm ‘N’ Blues” presented by blues veteran ZZBIRMINGHAM who has devoted longer than he cares to remember playing everything from skiffle & jugband music through Cajun & country roots to powerful electric blues.

ZZBIRMINGHAM’s eclectic taste is reflected in his playlists: classic recordings mingle with more obscure material, early jazz rarities with the latest recordings, giants of yesteryear with our modern heroes. A recent programme for International Women’s Day featured music by Big Mama Thornton & Etta James, Eva Cassidy, Joan Armatrading & Nina Simone, not forgetting Ethel Waters, Billie Holiday & Bessie Smith.

ZZ’s lively delivery & fund of arcane knowledge make his programme essential listening for lovers of blues & jazz.


  • Sunday - 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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